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LIUMY 6000 Counts Electronic Multi Tester with RMS

LIUMY 6000 Counts Electronic Multi Tester with RMS

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Product Specification
★LIUMY has been focused on a higher breakthrough in professional instrumentation, has provided guests with more quality equipment and a better customer experience to improve the quality of life.
★LIUMY Digital Multimeter is a professional hand-held digital multimeter with RMS. It is equipped with a 6000 Counts large screen LCD with backlight that facilitates users in recognizing readings.
Package Included:
1x LIUMY Digital Multimeter
1x English User's Manual
1x Test Leads
1x K-Type Thermocouple
1x 24-month Warranty
★LIUMY Advanced Version Multimeter can accurate measure AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, continuity and diode, triode (hfe), duty ratio. Temperature,capacitance and live line test.
★Moreover, it provides overload protection and Low Battery indications. Anyhow, it is an ideal multi-functional meter suitable for professionals, factories, schools, enthusiasts, or homes.

Product Specification

  • EAN : 6480677302203

  • Specification Met : Plastic + Electrical Parts

  • Fabric Type : True RMS 6000 counts display , Measures DC Voltage to 1000V , Double fuse wire for safety , Temperature Measuring , Flashlight , NCV Detection & Live Line Test , Beep Continuity Test with LED , Short-circuit protection , Over load protection , Live Line t

  • Model Number : AC/DC True RMS

  • Color : Black

  • Item Weight : 13.9332149584 ounces

  • Measurement System : Metric

  • Industry Standard Identifier : CAT Ⅳ

  • Part Number : LIUMYZQkwoawe22

  • Brand Name : LIUMY


Average rating:
4.7 / 5.0
Alan Watkins
This unit has a couple of Con's, important to read instructions although not the best I have ever seen it is usable. This unit has a function that drew me to it, it's called "Live" it says it can detect voltage without making actual contact, that is not always the case, if there is no current running through the circuit it doesn't detect there is voltage present. This could be a safety issue if you think the circuit is dead when using this mode. However if the circuit is drawing (significant) current then this feature works. If there is no current flowing, but voltage is present, and you touch the probe to the conductor it then works very well. The Hold Function (button) doesn't actually work (other than turning the light on.) Probes are a bit short and bulky, also has most of the ends covered (except for the tip) with protective insulation, making using alligator clips somewhat restricted, and when checking electronic circuits it's not always easy to reach the wiring of components. This "Live" function is very useful because you only are working with a single probe, leaving your other hand free to hold the meter. When it senses a voltage it omits a tone and the LED flashes, so you don't need to visually look at the meter to see the reading. Another nice feature is it measures current up to 20 amp (although only recommended for 10-15.secs) this means that most appliances current draw can be read (at least for a short period of time.) I assume if left longer that 10-15 secs could damage the meter. The display is large, it has more digits that most others, has many different measurements ranges. Resistance diode/continuity only has a good audio and LED modes. Didn't try every function. The unit seems solid, don't know how well it will stand up over time. Other than the one "Live" safety issue mentioned I found the unit good, it did have a couple of other things that I found quirky. Gave it a 5 Star because it has a lot of very good features that outweighed some of the nuances.
April 04, 2019
Anonymous Customer
Excellent tool does everything
April 02, 2019
Fred Ford
Great general power meter. Easy to use. Like the easy to read light up display. The temperature reading has been helpful working with Peltier modules. Good meter for the money.
February 27, 2019
I purchased this multimeter just because the price was so low. 10 dollars for a 20 amp multimeter with temp thermocouple is a steal even if quality is not up to par with a fluke meter. I don't know how they make any money with the features that come with this meter. AC voltage detection, an LED light, 20 amp current rated, and temperature thermocouple. Only thing lacking from my more expensive meter is auto-scaleing but I can very easily live without such conviences.
February 13, 2019
A great headlight battery last for weeks if not constantly used a great light
February 06, 2019
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